Why am I seeing Messenger launcher in Spanish if my phone and app is set in English?

  • 28 September 2023
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I have my phone and therefore my app set in English. However, when I open the Messenger Launcher I can see the content in Spanish (our default language).


Checked our Messenger and omnichannel settings for Mobile SDK and I am not given many options to configure languages based on rules. How can make the Messenger Launcher display in the right language based on app´s preferences?

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3 replies

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Hi @ēllu team !

We have a great article in our help center that discusses how we track language, here. The section that discusses Mobile SDKs is below.

So, we should be tracking the language based on the OS of your phone. Can you confirm that your phone’s OS is specifically set to English? If it isn’t, then it would fallback to the default language that you have set up. If you can send a screenshot of that language setting in your phone, that would be great!

Hi @Jacob Cox !

Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply me.

Please see below 2 screenshots. One from my phone settings and anotherone from Intercom Messenger where you can see is displaying in Spanish.

We have an attribute called App Language which is the one we are populating with the language of user´s phone. 


Phone Settings (EN)
Intercom Messenger 


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Thanks for sending those details @ēllu team !

I think I’ll need to send you over to our Support Team so they can dig into this further with you. They’ll want a URL of a user who is experiencing this issue as well as details around your Mobile SDK. I’ll send this conversation their way. Just keep an eye on your email inbox. They should be responding to you via the email address that you used to sign up here!