Expo 50 With Official Plugin Realtime Chat Not Working

  • 7 March 2024
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Hi there,

I've just installed the latest version of the Expo plugin (6.8.1). Everything is mostly working, but there are some issues. I've noticed problems with push notifications, and I'm unsure if they are related to the following:

1. We're unable to retrieve the unread message count correctly. The listener isn't working, and even when the app is open, new messages aren't being fetched.
2. In chat, replies from an "agent" aren't showing up in real-time. To see new messages, we have to close and reopen the conversation, which disrupts the chat experience.

Any advice on these issues would be appreciated.

Thank you


Best answer by Jacob Cox 16 March 2024, 22:18

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Update on this. On Android the realtime chat is working but not on iOS.

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Hey there @Axel !

Have you reached out to the community who built that Expo plugin? That would probably be your best bet for support if you haven’t done that yet!

@Jacob Cox you guys built the plugin: that is why I am reaching out here as you have issues disabled in github.

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Hey there @Axel !

My apologies for the confusion! I didn’t realize you were talking about our React-Native SDK. I do see that you chatted with my teammate, Aparna, and that things seemed to be working as expected in production.

Glad to hear you were able to get that resolved!


Hi @Jacob Cox, @Axel


Could not figure out the resolution from this post. Where should I be looking? Thanks.