Has anyone managed to use the SDK's with expo?

  • 28 June 2022
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I'm trying to integrate the SDK's with our react native app that uses expo. The only comment about it on this forum is to try this Expo Config Plugin.


I've followed the directions like so:

  1. I have Expo SDK 45.
  2. I Installed expo-cli@4.4.4
  3. I Installed @intercom/intercom-react-native@3.0.4


I followed this article which explained how to get my keys and run it in the app with this import.


import Intercom from '@intercom/intercom-react-native';



But I get this error:

TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'IntercomEventEmitter.UNREAD_COUNT_CHANGE_NOTIFICATION')


I searched this error and found a discussion where the only person who said they could get things to work ended up ejecting expo. This is something we are unwilling to do. If we cant get this to work we cant use intercom.


  1. Do I have to eject expo to get this to work?
  2. With this package installed, how do I access and initialize intercom?

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2 replies

Hey @ryan l13​ , 👋 thanks for reaching out! I'm one of the Support Engineers here at Intercom! 👍


Just want to make sure that I'm understanding correctly - you're trying to integrate Intercom into your React Native App with Expo Dev framework.


If so, at the moment we don't have native support for Expo but there's an answer in our forum here that points to a third party tool that might be helpful.


Also within this thread there is another answer from an Intercom customer saying they did have to eject your app in order for it to work so it might be worth looking at both cases.


One caveat is that we wouldn't be able to provide direct support as it's built by a third party but hopefully the config plugin works for your use case! Additionally, if I'm misunderstanding your set up at all please don't hesitate to let me know. 👍


In regards to initialising Intercom once fully installed you can take a look at our react native docs here which should be helpful.

I was been able to integrate Intercom with Expo 50 by writing a custom mod-plugin. You can have a look on this repo