How can I launch a custom bot from a button within a mobile app?

  • 6 December 2021
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We have a product section with our mobile app settings page and I would like the result of pressing each option to launch a unique custom bot for each product. When creating a bot from a button it will only allow me to select a website section and by the looks of it, I can only start a chat from a button press, not a custom bot.


Can anyone help?


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2 replies

Hey @callum w​ 👋


At the moment, you can only use Custom Bots from buttons on desktop and mobile sites. They don’t currently work in mobile apps. It's a great shout for our @Product Wishlist​ 🙌


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@callum w​ @lisa b11​ 



That depends how the app is made actually - some apps are just mobile optimized pages opening in a striped down browser that is hardcoded to open only your page without URL bar. In that case, it should work.


Other then that, I suggest your devs implement Intercom event that will be triggered each time a user clicks on the button, and then you can set Bot to open up on that event. Like you would for event-based messaging.