How can we opt out tracking?

  • 17 March 2021
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Is there a way to opt out tracking if the user does not want to send data? I have a toggle in my app that allows the user to disable analytics & tracking. Once the iOS SDK initialised, is there a way to opt out tracking? I tried to use the .logout() method in the SDK but it does not work. Events and updates are still sent to Intercom (which seems to be a bug?).


For example, Mixpanel allows us to do that:>


It's great, and Intercom should offer the same.




Best answer by Eric Fitz 19 March 2021, 11:37

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3 replies

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Hey @user413​, in terms of using the logout() method, this does work. It still calls the API, but the response will be a 404 because there is no user identified. Are you monitoring HTTP calls and seeing that Intercom’s API is still being hit? If that's the case, no data is actually being sent, so this is something of a "false friend" here!

Thanks @eric f11​ for your answer. I’m not yet tracking my HTTP calls but I’m seeing that your dashboard updates the user after I call the logout(). When I update the name or email, I see it’s reflected live on your app. Really strange.

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Have you contacted our Support team about this, @user413​? It strikes me as an issue specific to your config and would likely require the sharing of logs. A conversation with our Support team would definitely be the most helpful and efficient way for you to resolve this.