Mobile carousel - how to show it again to a user who has completed the carousel journey

  • 16 October 2020
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I have set live a mobile carousel as an education screen for a section of my app.


When a user clicks on the screen, they are shown an overview of the screen and what they need to do to make the most of it (its a finance app so this includes linking an account)


Currently the carousel plays when a user first clicks to the screen but when they have 'completed' the carousel it doesnt show again (even if they still match the rules).


I want to show this carousel to all users who haven't completed the goal (link an account) regardless of whether they have completed it before.


Any tips?


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4 replies


Hello @paddy​ ,


Currently, mobile carousels will send only each matching user at once.


I'm suggesting use Intercom Series to continuously send users a mobile carousel until they reach the goal. 

(You can also tag users, who reach the goal or set-up exit rules). 


Hope this helps.

@roy s11​ can you expand on this a bit?


I have set up a super basic series - if user is on the home screen then show chat 'How can I help?' but it still only plays to users once then when they have completed the chat it doesn't show again (I know its probably v basic but couldn't find info in the support)


Hi @paddy​ ,


This is actually a workaround, continuously remind users link account - via Product carousels.

Product carousels 


Thanks @roy s11​