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Hi everyone!


We’ve just posted for the very first time on our TikTok channel and so have entered the ‘extreme algorithm judgment’ phase™ (Tiktok boosts your first 5 posts to see how much engagement you get, so if we don’t get some engagement on our posts this week we will be relegated to obscurity 🙀)

At Intercom, we really believe that the future of great customer service won’t happen with automation alone. Human + Automation is where the real magic happens. With our shiny bots and your beautiful brains anything is possible 💫

So, we thought our first video should speak to that, and feature some genuinely amazing customer interviews to do it too (thanks to Constantina Samara from Synthesia, John O’Hara from Logikcull and Sam Miller from Dental Intelligence for letting us use their customer interviews).We’ll be posting everyday this week so we’d really appreciate it if you could…➕ Follow / 👍 Like / 💬 Comment / ➡ Share (and if you’re feeling super engagey, why not check us out on TwitterLinkedIn & YouTube too)

See you on the Internet!


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