Can I create a test user that can be used to test a product tour?

  • 12 April 2023
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While testing a product tour in a test environment, I found the most frequently I could send a tour to any user was once a day. Can it be made possible to create a test user, or an audience called ‘Test’ that can be sent a product tour more frequently than once a day?  It makes it very hard to test otherwise, and I have had to create many user accounts to test more than once a day. Or is there a way to do this with the current configuration?


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7 replies

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@Lisa Cowgill curious to understand your testing use case better, are you looking to preview the end result mainly or test the configuration of the test audience when running your testing as the end user?


I need to confirm but I believe if the variables are set to run every time a match is found, you shouldn't have any issues getting it to run again for the same user. But if you've got it set to run once then, possibly that's where it won't show again to the same user.  I guess you could change that setting while you are testing until you are ready to launch then switch it back to only show once. If that makes sense, let me know.  






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Hi @Lisa Cowgill,
I’m not sure what your reason is to test it with a test user. Did you already try to preview your tour?

 If it’s more about checking if the audience filter, then you could try out this new feature I just found:


@Nathan Sudds thank you for your reply. I have already set it up so that the tour is sent every time a user matches the rules, but even that has a limit, which is the once a day limit (see image below). I can’t turn this limit off ie change to no limit. I even tried setting the number of days to less than 1, but it won’t allow me to do that!

The testing I am doing is to make sure my tours are launching according to the current page URL I have set, so it requires multiple rounds of testing.



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Hey @Lisa Cowgill! Daniel from Customer Support Engineering here 🔧 


An easier way to trigger a tour multiple times per day would be using event based messaging, where you set a ‘when to send rule’ so that the tour fires whenever the event does. Alternatively, just duplicate the tour and target it at a test account (use a rule like email = [your email]).


Hope that’s all clear! 🙌 

Thanks @Daniel M15. I did consider the event based messaging, but what I’m really interested in testing is if the product tour launches when a particular URL is accessed. I need the tour to launch when a user lands on a certain page and am using the ‘Current URL Page’ rules e.g. contains, does not contain etc. I am experiencing difficulty testing this due to not being able to send the tour every time the users accesses the page as I’m limited to sending the tour once a day every time a user matches the rules, which is actually once in a 24 hour period. I guess what I would like to be able to do is have an option to remove the limit of once a day, so I can test as many times as I need to. 

Duplicating the tour may be an option, but for me it would mean duplicating the tour, removing the original tour, then activating the duplicated one which is quite cumbersome.

It would be a great product feature to see the ‘Limit to once every’ feature be optional, or to be able to increase the frequency for sending when testing, hence my question about being able to send a tour to a ‘test user’.

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@Lisa Cowgill @Daniel M15 Agreed with your statement Lisa! I’m currently getting very frustrated with the same issue of testing being limited to once a day. Would be really helpful if the 24hr limit was removed. 

@Lisa Cowgill @Daniel M15 Agreed with your statement Lisa! I’m currently getting very frustrated with the same issue of testing being limited to once a day. Would be really helpful if the 24hr limit was removed. 

I agree with this. I totally get why you would want to restrict it for production users so you don’t effectively spam them with messages! But for testing that your setup is working in the “real world” it would be great to have some way to override that setting for prescribed users.

We currently get around this by simple have a lot of test users (we use alias emails in gmail) and try to remember which ones we have already tested with today.