Can I create branched Product Tours?

  • 16 August 2021
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Hi. New to Product Tours. 

I am trying to create a branched tour to explain my rather complicated workflow in the product. Is this possible? Product tour seems very linear.


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3 replies

I tried creating multiple tours for the same page, but I could not test them simultaneously. Will that work?

If I create multiple tours, say, one triggered as soon as a user logs in leading linearly to a specific page and then create separate tours triggered by a click for each button on that page?

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Hey @shyam p​ 

IT's a little hard to visualise what you're after here but - I wouldn't go with having more than one tour automatically loading on a page. You could link extra tours to buttons on your site as you said or you should (in theory) be able to add a link in the wording of a tour step to point to another tour that you have set up not to pop automatically. Worth giving a go on your test site if you have one.

Hope that helps - or gives you an alternative to try.


Hi @brent w​ 

Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I cannot test it right now. I am subscribed to intercom chat, but I have been trying out Product tours to see if that is actually worth investing on. It seems okay for my marketing needs. But I am trying to understand if there is any way to somehow use it to explain even complicated workflows.

I was planning on creating separate tours triggered by button clicks, as you have mentioned. I will check if there are any alternatives.


Thanks again!