How are you driving Product Tours adoption?

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Standard change management aside, how are y'all approaching adoption of tours? For both customers and agents / employees?


Some of our learnings;

  • Customers are a bit scared to try it
  • Customers will start a tour, get side tracked and leave the tour (by accident often)
  • Agents do not like sharing them if they don't know how they work or if they did not build them
  • Linking tours to feature releases / updates has had best results
  • We do not have feature flagging or tracking as a data point so tracking tours success has been challenging


What approaches have y'all taken to drive more adoption?


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@justin w11​ would you have any insight you could offer Craig here on Product Tours?

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Definitely @eric f11​ 

Hey @craig​ I have found Product Tours to be limiting (hoping Intercom makes some enhancements) which contributes to a few points you have mentioned. For example:

  1. You can only have 1 active Product Tour within your website, the rest are called via a link. There is some javascript that can be modified to make them all appear each time but you lose control to stop the display after X times.


We've leveraged Product Tours for new product features as a high-light reel or a guide on use case with the end result being to use it or reach out with questions. This has definitely benefited us because it allows us to spend 1:1 time with our clients and prospects to either sell them/cross-sell them into new features or build their confidence in how they use our product (Catapult automates Request for Proposals which can be overwhelming, we want to ease that pain and calls sometimes are the best way to do it).


We don't have tracking either built into Intercom but we do on Google Analytics and within our database. This has helped us gauge time spent on a page and a specific area of a page. For example, typing in a text editor versus viewing a page.


I think we're all going to experience people starting and leaving a tour. Life happens. Intercom has created a very beautiful, lightweight and non-demanding workflow to create something that looks like hundreds of hours went into it (hooray!) but capturing a captivated audience isn't always easy which is why we've left product tours on features that are user role specific. I wouldn't put a product tour on how to change your password, rather a feature that is meaningful and those who look at it would understand it's purpose. This way they understand the context of the feature, it's use case and the pros/cons. This again builds further confidence in how our product is built and can be used.