How can a user go back to the previous step on a product tour?

  • 2 September 2020
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There doesn't seem to be a "back" button on the product tour pointers. Is there a workaround for this?


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4 replies

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We also have this problem, if you go off the 'rails' you end up being a bit lost. If the tour is pushed via a message you can click it and replay it (we have a small note on tours via messages that they can always reopen the tour via the message), if it is a full takeover tour - in our experience once you are off the tour bus, you are off the bus and cannot get back on.

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Hi @user212​ ,

This might not be an ideal solution but we've found an interesting way of letting users 'experience' a whole Product Tour again. Besides using a Post message that can help re-open the tour, we've put the tour link (Use your tour anywhere) into a button within an article in our Help Center and it works well!

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Our experience says long Product Tours get abandoned and aren't completed often times and even if they don't get abandoned, users might easily forget the first step by the time they reach the last one, thus having the need for a "back" button. I'd suggest splitting up the Tour into many to reduce cognitive load.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for your reply. We don't want to have long tours - they will only be about three steps, but due to other technical constraints with the product tours (we can't use the pointer in an iframe) we have to use the workaround of GIFs and videos, and we are concerned that users will not expect this and move to the next step without viewing the GIF. In this case, a back button is very important. Furthermore, giving the user control in the tour is just an important heuristic of usability!