How can I share product tours in checklists (as hyper link) if the product tour has a variable?

  • 19 May 2023
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I'm trying to provide product tours as a choice in the form of hyperlink within a task of checklists, but because the workspace portion of the site is a variable, it isn't translating. Am I missing something, or is this just not possible as of now?

From within the product tour settings:{{custom_data.workspace|fallback:"0"}}/data-observability/observers/observer-detail/?product_tour_id=423036


3 replies

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What’s the answer here?

You're attempting to create hyperlinks within a task checklist that include a variable for the workspace portion of the URL, but the variable isn't being correctly replaced with the desired value. To resolve this, ensure that the template or variable substitution is correctly rendered, that the necessary data (specifically, custom_data.workspace) is available, that URL encoding is handled properly, and that user permissions are correctly configured.

Additionally, have a fallback value in case the workspace data is not available. If the issue persists, providing more details about the platform or technology you're using for these checklists would be helpful for more specific guidance.