I set up Product Tours on our React app. As of Mon., Oct. 5, the Product Tour editor is no longer loading, so I can't edit them or create new ones. I'm getting the attached error message.

  • 12 October 2020
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The error message is odd because Intercom is working just fine for all other functions and did work for Product Tours previously. I consulted this Intercom help article ( When I tried to match up the Intercom workspace ID as directed, my browser console shows the attached. I consulted our web developer, and he said that the intercom_key mapping is used as Intercom requires in its script.


This is a time sensitive issue because using a product tour is critical to us launching the new version of our app.


What happened with Product Tours? Anyone else experiencing the issue of the Product Tour editor no longer showing up?


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Hello @kindra​ ,


Can you clarify:

1) You have such a problem only for a specific URL? Like the APP page?

2) Can you check if product tours are working on the main page of the website?


I think the Intercom code is not properly installed in the app.

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Hey @kindra​, to add to Roy's questions, can you advise a bit more about how you've installed Intercom? Have you used a React wrapper?

Thanks for helping out, gentlemen.


In response to @roy s11's clarifying questions:

  1. The Product Tour editor doesn't show up when editing a Product Tour on any URL within our React app, although it did previously.
  2. The Product Tours are working on the website for both types of end-users. (I have different Product Tours set up based on each type of user since each type has different permissions.) The Intercom messenger is working properly for all other functions.


@eric f11 I'm checking with our web developer about your questions. When I checked with him last week, he said: "The intercom_key mapping ends up being used as Intercom requires in their script, it’s just pulled out and called that so that it is easily configurable in a config file. ... I’m wondering if Intercom Product Tours has some issue with single page React apps."

@eric f11, our web developer used the Intercom widget.

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@kindra​ can you confirm that they followed the instructions specifically for installing on single-page apps as outlined in this guide?

@eric f11​ Yes, our web developer just confirmed that his team followed the instructions listed

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Thanks for confirming that for me! This looks to be an issue specific to your workspace/app.


I can see that you're chatting with Josh from our Support team - I'd recommend that you continue the conversation with him, as he's better placed to help you here than I would be!

Thanks @eric f11​. Will do.

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No worries! I'm keeping an eye on your conversation with Josh and I'll share a summary of the resolution once one has been found.

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To summarise: the issue here was that a browser extension that @kindra​ was running was interfering with our Tour builder. A good tip for any Connectors encountering a similar issue is to open our Tour builder in an incognito window. If the Tour builder runs without issue in an incognito window, it usually means that a browser extension is at fault!

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Hey @kindra​, just wanted to give you a heads up that Intercom now has an official React Native SDK! You can find more information here.

@eric f11​ Thanks for letting me know!