I want to add product tours to one of my website.

  • 8 April 2021
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I'm new to the intercom so i don't know what to do.


If anybody can help it's really helpful for me.


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Product tours are an excellent way to proactively assist customers with navigating your app, guide users who are stuck and announce new features or tell customers about ways to use the product they may not have first considered.

🔗 Relevant Article:

Products tours can be created in the Outbound tab on the Tours page.

To create a tour, click "New product tour" in the top right corner. (pictured below)

chrome_nVd36Tk2dfYou can select a template or start from scratch.

You should then complete these steps before building your tour:

  1. Give your tour a nice, descriptive, yet short name (this isn't visible to the customer, unless inserted into a conversation by a Teammate)
  2. If you're inserting the tour via the Inbox, you may also want to give it a description
  3. Select a sender (this person will come up on your tour - think of them like a tour guide)

chrome_VGf0J660maAbove you can see my tour with a name, description and sender.

We'll now add the steps to your tour

pkwBqblirwOn the pop up that appears, you'll need to enter the URL of the page where you want the tour to occur.

💡 Tip: Be aware that this doesn't have to be the exact page route, as this can be configured in a bit, but a page that is live and has the exact layout you want. This is great for dynamic pages, such as pages with your User IDs/Company IDs in.

Click Open website once you've entered your URL.

​Depending on your specific site/web app, you may need to carry out the steps below in a more advanced way. Especially if your site uses dynamic class names. I'd strongly advise giving your most important buttons static HTML IDs, so you can reference them.

Let's say I want users on my site to click the 'Sign up for free' button on my homepage. chrome_8njORGVuBYI select "Begin tour here" to tell Intercom I'm ready to commence building the tour.

chrome_6Ck6l1Q5G5I can then select from

  • Pointers
  • Posts
  • Video Pointers

​A pointer will be most appropriate for this type of tour, so I'll pick that one.


Once I've selected it, I just move my mouse over the element I want to pick.chrome_zbGz4DvjDNI can then configure the behaviour of the tour.


Once you've finished building your tour, click Save in the bottom right.


You've now built a tour. You can customise where is will send, when it will send and who it will send to in Step 2 of the Outbound campaign creator.


Once you've configured the tour to your liking, click 'Set live'


Hope this helps and I appreciate it's a lot of reading. Happy to assist you further if needed.