If I design a product tour on our staging website, how do I translate it to be set live in the production website?

  • 20 December 2021
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I plan to design the product tours on our staging website and set it live in production altogether with the next push. How do I do it so the tours I create on the staging won't go to waste?

For context, we only have the Intercom installed in the staging; I'd like to start creating the tours so that everything is correct and ready when it's go-time.

Thank you in advance


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2 replies

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Hi @user2541โ€‹ย 

At this point there doesn't appear to be a way to copy a tour or series across to production (unless there is a way I'm unaware of). This one has got me too in the past but it's probably better to test things in staging and recreate in prod using copy and paste for the wording - as all the CSS and links would be pointing incorrectly anyway if you did find a way to move it across.


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@user2541โ€‹ย Just use the same production Intercom workspace ID on your staging, not the TEST one. It does not need to run always, you can ask developers to enable it when you are building and testing.

Then once your app goes into production you can just change the URLs of the Tours and test if everything is working (and adjust it if needed).


Since there is no way to copy/paste things between environments this makes the most sense to me, this is how I do it. I was also manually coping things but depending on how much of it there is it can take some time.