Is it possible to display two product tours in one landing page?

  • 10 June 2021
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In our app, we want to show two different product tours for the user to choose from: one that helps her/him to create a landing page and another to help to create the ads. I use series with the following workflow:


Rule: users lands to x url


option 1: Product tour for Landing Pages


option 2: Product tour for Ads


I launch it and it only displays 1 product tour option, not both. Is there another turnaround?


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6 replies

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Full Disclaimer: I don’t have a whole of experience with how the series system actually works as it’s not included in my plan.


Would it not be more effective to tie the launch of the product tour directly to Javascript using the startTour method


This way you can directly launch the correct tour based on the user event.

:o sounds interesting, but could two product tours have the same event? Because that's the thing... some of the users will arrive at the landing page and haven't watch any of the two tours, but instead of us telling them which one to experience first. We want to allow the user to pick it. But not sure how to do it... like how to display both options.

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Use the Javascript, that way you can launch the tour exactly when the user meets the pathway you want.

wow thanks Sam! I'll definitely try it 🙂

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@estefania​ You could also create the two tours outside of Series and then send a post where you include the tours for the user to choose from.Choosing between toursUse your entry rules from the Series as the audience rule

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I've seen a good practice of developers creating a menu with links to different Product Tours. That sits somewhere easily accessible. Or as a tooltip to the element (i.e. menu item).