product tour never launches in preview

  • 4 March 2021
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first try at a product tour. when i preview the tour, i'm routed to the correct url, i sign into my webb app, but the tour never displays. what newbie goof am i making?


Best answer by Roy 6 March 2021, 07:18

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5 replies


Hello @user892​ 👋, Congratulations on creating your first product tour.


Basically, the users do not indicate the start parameters of the tour correctly. Can you share some screenshots from Product tour settings?


I will try to figure it out, Looking forward.




here's a screenshot with url blurred tour


Hello @user892​ , Thanks for the screenshot, It seems you are targeting visitors instead of the users in your Product tour settings.


To launch a product tour for logged-in visitors, you should select Users here:


Please, also make sure that you are tracking logged-in visitors in Intercom, More information can be found here:

Install Intercom on your web app to support and onboard logged-in users.


Let me know if you have any further questions about Product tours.

aha! so if we aren't tracking users in Intercom, we can't properly specify when the product tour should launch? there is no all? I tried users, as well, but that didn't work.


@user892​ , Yes, that's right you should first start tracking logged-in visitors.

Intercom should determine which user completed the tour and don't show it again.


Also tracking logged-in visitors allow you to see customer information in the Intercom inbox (If they logged-in to your app).