Can I merge 2 different workspaces?

  • 15 September 2022
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I have 2 separate workspaces but I don't need 2 anymore - I want to merge them both together so I can have everything all together.


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We don't offer specific migration options from one app to another, so you would have to use one of the export/import methods listed below to obtain the data from your Intercom workspace.


CSV Export - export user / company data

CSV Import - import user data

API - read / create any user / company data

Events API - read / create event data


Conversation data can be exported from one workspace using the Conversations API ,or as a CSV using the Reports section of the UI, however, there isn't a way to import a conversation and all its related data into a new workspace.

Note: Some data, such as one-off, ongoing messages and assignment rules, cannot be extracted out via these methods, and will require manual re-creation.


You can get a features within Intercom called ‘Multi-brand’ Help Centre and ‘Multi-brand’ Messenger which gives you the capabilities to have more than 1 Help Centre and Messenger - you can tailor each to mach the specific brand that it’s for too 👌🏼


Here are 2 articles to check out on these 👇🏼

Multi-brand Messenger -

Multi-brand Help Center -