Is there a way to be notified when a survey response is submitted?

  • 15 November 2022
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We are using surveys to collect user feedback - is there a way to receive an email notification or send responses to Slack when new responses are submitted by users?


(we have a low volume of responses and are missing customer's reaching out)




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Hey @anthony p12​ 👋


You could configure it via our REST API to notify you when the survey is filled in, but it wouldn't contain the survey content/feedback, just a notification that the user has submitted the data and you'd need to go to their profile page to look at the response.


To set that up, you'd need to store the survey responses as a user attribute:


Screenshot on 2022-11-18 at 13-16-54 

Then set up an automation via our REST API that detects when that attribute is updated from NULL to having a value for users, and send that trigger to an outside source like Slack or email, ideally with a link to the user's profile in the notification so you can easily click into their profile in Intercom to check for the survey response. Hope this helps 🙌



Thanks Lisa. Appreciate the help.

Hey @Lisa B11 

Could I get some more information on how to do this? Is there a no-code solution I could use to achieve the notifications?

Also if we want to store the answers based on company name, but we want to allow the company to fill out the survey as many times as they would like, is there a way to trigger notifications every time they submit? In your example it sounds like it would only be the the first time they submit.

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@Lisa B11 You should be able to use or Zapier to create a no-code solution for this as long as you can access the attribute data you are storing. 

I think you could allow the Company to submit the survey multiple times but it would overwrite the attribute on the next submission, in that case you may need to experiment with different options for tracking multiple submissions if you need the historical data. 

If you can share more about your use case for this, if you need to store multiple entries or keep historical data for reference that would help be sure suggestions are more geared to your goal. 

Hi there,


I’m re-opening the topic: getting notification when a survey is answered should be a native behavior, and should not rely on manual checks.


Zapier does not allow to catch attributes changes (only tags, which cannot be populated in an easy way when a survey is submitted). Many intercom users don’t have technical skills or availability to create and handle the life cycle of a REST integration.


Is this feature coming any time soon?