Trello for the EU Workspace

  • 7 August 2023
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Hi There,

I was not sure whether to post this as a question, conversation or an idea - as it falls into all three categories. We as an organization are moving to Intercom and as a company we as a technical team rely on the Trello application for task management and roadmaps.

My question is, I know Intercom has a great looking Trello integration (seen the articles) but sadly for some reason it’s not available in the EU Workspace, which we’re in. I’d be keen to know if there any immediate plans for add Trello availability to the EU Workspace? - or just a realistic honest answer about when it may be added (if at all).

As Trello is a core application for us, it’s a shame that we’re moving to a system that doesn’t allow us to integrate with it as we’re used in our current (soon to be old) system.




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