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  • 9 February 2024
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Has anyone been able to create all chats to tickets automatically when they are submitted AND also transfer the required conversation fields and company specific data to the ticket this way? We would like to introduce the Customer Portal to our customers, and they would like to see all their interactions with us. Since the Customer portal ony supports Tickets, this means that we would like to automate the process of changing the chat into a ticket once they are submitted. Unfortunately, currently, when you automate this, the conversation data required fields are not taken into account and also company data in not synched over.

Anyone has found a workaround or solution?


Thank you



Best answer by mateusz.leszkiewicz 20 February 2024, 13:49

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Hi there, It’s Mat from the Support Engineering Team 😀

I think the best solution would be to leverage customer facing tickets in this case.

They are relatively new features.

Did you have a chance to look at our Ticket Portal feature?

Please let me know if that was the answer you were looking for 😎

Hello Mateusz!

Thank you for your response. Yes, we are familiar with the Ticket Portal, and would love to introduce it to our clients, as they have been asking for a good way to have an overview of all their support chats/tickets.

All setups we have explored, to our understanding, still involve manual conversion from a chat to a Ticket, which means more clicks and worl for the support agents. We would like to have an automated conversion wihtout losing any conversation/chat settings and functionality. 

Or is it possible to set up a workflow where in the messenger chat window the customer can choose only from Ticket types and has no option to start a chat without selecting a button?


Thank you,