When posting a ticket to Slack, get the link to Slack back

We’re implementing tickets, and we’re pushing them to the relevant slack channels based on our products & teams involved.

There’s an action in Automation to easily post to Slack, and it works like a charm but… there’s no link within Intercom to find that conversation. So if my support team wants to see if they got an answer they need to manually find the conversation or manually copy paste the Slack link.

Intercom’s API don’t let us update a field in the ticket...
Custom actions don’t let us map anything to the ticket…

I honestly don’t understand why we don’t have a proper API support so people can connect their environment and update tickets based on activities happening in 3rd party software.

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@xavier.olland  I could 100% see why creating that two way connection where you can jump to Slack to see any responses there to the ticket notification would be important.   If the Slack integration doesn’t do this out of the box, I’m pretty sure we can create that workflow with other tools.  Feel free to reach out via DM or my calendar link in my signature and let’s see if we can make it happen in the short term. Probably posting the Slack link as a private note in the conversation feed or somewhere else could be possible?  Maybe in the longer term the Intercom team can suggest that idea for the product team!

@Nathan Sudds I think you missed the point. Slack has no problem, Intercom has one as you can’t update the ticket (and this is not only about Slack, I could want to paste a Jira link there).

Posting the link to the conversation is irrelevant as you can have multiple conversation related to one ticket and even across multiple users if you consider tracker ticket.

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@xavier.olland my apologies for the confusion, I meant note in the Ticket not conversation.

But my main point still stands that you should be able to do what you are looking for via the API even if at the moment not via the built-in Automations.


Intercom has an example here with GitHub Issues where when a ticket is created it also creates the issue in GitHub and includes a link back to the GitHub issue in the Ticket.


Hopefully the Intercom team will highlight your request to the product team and add this link back feature to the Slack integration similar to what they have suggested here with the GitHub Issues example. 


And in the meantime maybe your team can refer to this to create what you need or feel free to reach out. I'm happy to explore what you need in more details together. 


Some of the tools like Make, Pipedream, N8N etc might be able to help as well.  I didn't dig into those but knowing the example is there it seems very possible. 


Hope this helps







Thanks @Nathan Sudds 

After going through the link I managed to get the correct version of the API doc… Apparently for some reason I was stuck on an old version which didn’t have tickets, weird…

So still I need to use a third party and write code in Zapier when it could be two dropdowns in Intercom custom actions mapping. Adding risk and complexity for no good reason…

Will test and give my solution here if I can make it.

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@xavier.olland happy this was helpful! I understand that frustration when an integration or built in solution just isn't quite what you need and there's these extra steps to now create the solution you really want.   I'm sure the Intercom team will raise these ideas with the product team and hopefully we'll see improvements to the built in solutions.


I also ended up on a weird page within the documentation that had very little info about Tickets, we should probably report that to the team to fix it as well.  Which page were you on? 


I got this one:


It was very confusing at first so then I just went directly to the developers page and ended up finding the example I shared much more useful. 


Good luck with your integration! In my experience Zapier hasn't been the best for Intercom automations vs Make and others but some things are possible there for sure. 





So I did manage to update the ticket using the API, but it required me to have an action running JS code in Zapier and with the token in plain sight. Even though it has limited access I can’t recommend this for obvious security risks.
As expected just using my Intercom’s user authentication doesn’t grant right to update tickets.

So there are at least 2 things that intercom could do to improve this.