How to send conversation data from Custom Chatbot to Zapier?

  • 26 September 2020
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Dear Member,

We are into online courier service provider business and I have developed a custom chat bot for various purpose, in which tracking number is must. But here, intercom is not pushing that tracking number to Zapier to Google Sheet.


I have tried it by defining new variable but still not working. Can someone help me out how can I do it. Right now, I am only getting Name, Email I'd and tracking number not getting,


Any help will be appreciated as I have tried my best but nothing didn't work yet. Hoping for the resolution else I have to switch any other chatbot which I don't want but because of this restriction I have to move out.


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5 replies

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Hello @prateek​ ,


Sorry for the late reply.


If I Get you correctly:


1. You have a custom chatbot

2. Customers writing Tracking Number to this bot

3. You want to save this Tracking Id to Google Sheets? 


Have you tried to create a Zap from Intercom Closed conversation to Google Sheet?


P.S You can also use API to export Intercom data to Google sheet.

Here some helpful article:>

Hi Roy,


Thanks for your answer. What if I want to get data based on the customer response because chat bot is designed to cater each and every need. For eg. Chat bot have Tracking Help, Booking help, Enterprise product demo query


and each option has different sets of question. So, can I also get those by APIs? and differentiate them by option selected by customer.


Sheet. A will have Tracking Help Queries

Sheet B - for new booking

Sheet C - for product demo.


Kindly let me know your views on this.

Hi Roy,


I have applied your steps, but I am getting an error stating "{"error":{"type":"not_authenticated","message":"HTTP Basic: Access denied."}}" and sometimes "servers is unable to send data in csv/xml format and sometimes { "errors": [ { "code": "not_found", "message": "The requested resource does not exist; check your path and try again" } ], "type": "error.list" }


Request you to kindly help in this. Screenshot is>

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@prateek​ , The blog post was an example of how you can run API requests to Google sheets. 

(You need to know which command to run, right now you are trying to get a contact list);


Give me more information and I Will try to help you okay? Just tell me exactly what are you looking for and I give you exact information, even video instruction. Just tell me exactly what are you looking for okay? 


In my opinion, you build a custom bot with the following tasks:

1) Tracking;

2) New booking information;

3) Product demo

Once a customer selects one of them and sends you a message you want to transfer this data to Google Sheet.

I'm right? That's what you want to build?

HI Roy, for the same I am looking.


In Tracking, let's say there is 2 data field. I want to get them into sheet. I have deployed a dummy bot at and just select business partnership, you will have better idea.