Jira For Ticket 401 error


There is bug in the integration,

Sometimes tickets fail creating with Unauthorized error from jira 

It seems the intercom is using a wrong/expired header token while sending request to jira 

I attached here the screenshots 



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@SinaM Is this something you've just seen in the last few days or has it happened before in the past?


I'm asking because if you check out Jira's status page they have a few alerts from the 4th - 7th that mention problems creating issues. 


I'm wondering if that could be related to what you are seeing?


Its been a month there 
since we started using workflows and jira integeration 


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Hey @SinaM - I’ve passed this information over to the team via a conversation and added your issue to an open bug we’re looking into at the moment. Updates to follow via the Messenger 💬