Prevent ratings on old conversations

  • 31 August 2023
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We have enabled the setting to prevent Customers from changing their rating after  a set time (1hr) but this does not seem to extend to conversations that have not been previously rated.


We have had a few instances of disgruntled customers going back and rating chats from days prior.


Is there a setting to prevent this?


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Hey @Michael Nortei 👋🏼 Shauna here from Support! 

Unfortunately there’s no way to prevent users from going back and ‘rating an old conversation’ if there hasn’t been a rating sent. That setting for “prevent Customers from changing their rating” - only works on conversation ratings previous submitted and not left blank. I'll definitely let the team know that this is something you would like to see in the future though. Happy to submit that as a feature request for you 😊  

I know it may seem self explanatory, but as it's great for the Product team to be able to see why introducing particular features is so important, I'd love to know a little more on your use case here 🚀

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Thanks for the response @Shauna. Assumed that was the case given what I was able to find in searching.


As for our use case, customers do not always rate conversations. Like most people, they tend to be more inclined to rate when things do not go well. So, say they get a response they don’t like or need to open a case for further assistance, they leave a bad rating and in some cases go back to chats days or weeks old and leave bad ratings there too, regardless of the outcome of those chats, leading to poor metrics overall.


It would be beneficial to prevent this as it’s probable they aren’t reviewing the chats and accurately rating but rather doing it maliciously.


Thanks again,



We also would like to request this as it is a friction that we have to deal with on a regular basis when a user comes back and rates negatively MONTHS after the original conversation was closed which is not pertinent anymore to that conversation.

So my question is:

1. What is the rule for a user that has already rated us in the past, if they contact us again for a new conversation, do they get 1 rating request every time a conversation is closed? Is there a threshold? 
2. Can you kindly also pass the feedback along to the product team that like for every other rating/survey request elsewhere, there should be a deadline for it, usually 7 days if we want the feedback to be pertinent to that specific experience.


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Just adding more support to see this get pushed through. This particular customer made a mistake in their environment (we checked 


New rating on old chat



Here's another notable instance of a user providing a rating six months later! It's perplexing why such an extended timeframe is permitted. All the surveys I've ever received had a time limit (24 hours to a week max) beyond which submissions were not accepted. This situation is adversely affecting my team, and if this policy isn't revised soon to allow us to modify that timeframe to an acceptable one that works for us, we may need to explore alternative options.


Any update on this problem?