Workflow to create back office ticket from Email

  • 20 May 2024
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My support team is cc’d on a notification email that is task-oriented for the recipient.  We have to check on the status of that task and sometimes there are additional internal steps our support team has to take. 

I’d like to automatically convert the email notification to a ticket so we can track it as a task-oriented function on our team.

  • I do not want to use a Customer ticket type because the recipient does not need to be aware of ticket and I cannot find a way to turn off sharing to customer recipient.
  • I’d prefer to use a back office ticket but it doesn’t seem like workflows will Convert to Ticket or Send Ticket from an email, only chat based messages.  

Any suggestions on how I can make this process work automatically versus manually?  


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2 replies

Came here for the same question!

Hi Laura! There’s currently no way around this. I tried to set up a custom action in a workflow and use our REST API Convert a conversation to a ticket endpoint to see if I could set the “is_shared” attribute to “false” but the attribute gets overridden to “true”. 

If you start a conversation with our team via the Messenger, we can log it as a feature request for you 🙂.