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  • 11 October 2023
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Hi there

Is it possible to view a log of API activity, similar to the Teammate Activity Log, but for any changes or activities carried out via API? We are specifically interested in identifying any User updates or Users created via the API endpoint.

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Best answer by Jacob Cox 15 October 2023, 18:24

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3 replies

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Hi @Harleigh Shepherd 

There isn’t an API endpoint that lists all the activities that used the API. You can, however, track Events such as User creation and update by using our Webhooks. I would look over that list of Webhook Topics to see if that will achieve what you’re looking for!


Thanks @Jacob Cox 

Presumably this would only provide us real-time information about users created once the webhook subscription is in place, is that right? In this case we were hoping to be able to retrieve information about existing Leads/Users.

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Hey there @Harleigh Shepherd !

You are correct that Webhooks provide real-time data, not historical data. There isn’t a standard attribute on the Contact object that stores that kind of source data.

I think your best bet here (for the future) is to create a Custom Attribute that stores this information for your Contacts. It could, for example, be a Boolean attribute named created_via_API. Then, set that to true for all of your Users who are created this way.

I can see how having a standard attribute that tracks this would be helpful, so I’ll flag that as a Feature Request with our team!