Adding Vimeo + Intercom Iframe on an article by API

  • 12 June 2024
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Hi there!

Going crazy over here. Trying to add a Vimeo iframe to my article by API.
When it’s youtube, it works fine, but with Vimeo - no matter the URL I choose I always get “video src not supported”.

The article creation works well and I am just trying to add a vimeo iframe to it.
here is a fake video I created an uploaded

 This will not pass API validation “video src not supported” (but will work if I add it from the UI): 

<iframe src=""></iframe>

 This will pass API validation but the URL is missing the h parameter and Vimeo cannot read: 

<iframe src=""></iframe>

What can I do? I also tried multiple version of the vimeo URL - no luck.

Let me know!


Best answer by Nathan Sudds 12 June 2024, 13:45

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@BaptisteCoquelle  Sorry you've been having trouble embedding your Vimeo video links. 

I believe this is related to the privacy of your video. 

It seems to be set to private which may prevent it displaying in the embed with or without the h variable. 


If you change the privacy, this should appear or if you are using domain level privacy you may need to ensure you've listed all the relevant domains for Intercom.

The h variable is related to the privacy setting which does seem to work via url but may not work in embedding with the current Intercom setup. 


If the video needs to be private and embedded, you may need to check with the Intercom team on how to support this but changing the privacy of the video should help you get the embed working right away. 


Hope this helps