Calculate Median response time (Response time, Reply sent at, Median aggregation) via Intercom API

  • 17 January 2024
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Hi! In my report, I have "Median response time" Chart (Response time, Reply sent at, Median aggregation)
I want to calculate the same metric via Intercom API. In the conversations schema, I found statistics.median_time_to_reply attribute. However, the results I'm getting while using this attribute is different from the chart, like +20 minutes.Ā 
Can you please suggest what can be wrong here? Are there any other ways to calculate this via Intercom API?


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3 replies

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Hey @Dmytro Horodetskyi,


Via API, that would be the only endpoint where you can get the conversation stats. So you would not have any other option to use via API.


Regarding the discrepancy,Ā this will need furtherĀ investigationĀ on our end, so I have escalated this with the Support Engineering team as a conversation. You will receive a reply from them in there as soon as possible. They will also let you know if they need any information from your end.

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@aykut.aydinĀ Thank you, greatly appreciate your help, will be waiting for a reply from the Support Engineering team.