Company Name in Qualification Data are not updated [Segment to Intercom]

  • 6 December 2023
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We are syncing User data from Segment to Intercom via Identify calls.

We want to update company name for User from Segment to Intercom.

When we Identify call for updating Company name in user. we can see that fields are passed to Intercom from Segment, but when we see Qualification Section in User details. Company Name is not updated. but when we export user details, latest company name is shown in Excel file.


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Hi @sagar.viradiya !

The Company Name attribute that is getting updated via the Segment integration isn’t a part of the Qualification Data. Rather it’s Standard Intercom data attribute. If you want the “Company Name” in your qualification data to map to the same value as the Company Name data attribute, you’ll need to set that up in your workspace. You should be able to do that by clicking on the circle icon that appears when you hover over the Company Name attribute in the Qualifications section of the User’s profile page.






Note that you won’t be able to manually update this Qualification data if you set it to update automatically.

@Jacob Cox , I think we have already setup field in Qualification Settings in our workspace.

So let me clarify what you are saying is , Company name in Qualification Section is not that field which is synced through Segment Calls. if it is correct, how that Company field is populated automatically for the User?

In Intecom Chat support, I talked with @chris, and we had following conversation:

From Chris:


I was testing this and what actually defines which company appears to a user is the attribute "company_last_seen". This attribute is updated every time a user logs in with the company's details.

So, for example, if you have company A and company B and a user "Bob" who is part of both these companies. Let's assume company B is the one showing up because it was the last updated one. But then, a new user "Alice" logs in with company A details, which updates company A last_seen attribute. Now, the company appearing for "Bob" will be company A since it was more recently seen in comparison with company B.

That's a bit complex but I hope it makes sense! 😅


From Chris:

To clarify what we discussed yesterday, the company name that will appear on a user's profile via the qualification tab is the company which was last seen. It does not have to be that specific user that was last seen as logged in as a company but, any user that is active on a company profile will update the companies last seen value.

I do not believe changing the user's name in the backend would update the companies last seen value. To update a companies last seen value, a user associated with that company must login.

Can you test this by having any user associated with "Charity Donation 1" for example, and this should then update the "Company name" value on the user's profile


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Hi @sagar.viradiya !

Qualification Data and People Data can be linked, but not always. Some attributes require you to set that link up when you create them. It looks to me like the ‘Company Name’ Qualification Data is automatically linked. In my workspace I am passing in the Company Name data into the Intercom installation snippet when a User logs into Intercom. That automatically updates the Company that is associated with my User’s People Data as well as their Qualification Data. 

It also automatically gets updated when I associate the contact to the company via the API.

If there’s more than one company associated with the User then the Company Name that shows there should be the name of the last company that they were added to. I don’t see that value changing based on their own or their teammates log-in history.


So if a User logs in from “Company A” for the first time, then Company A will be the Company Name in the Qualification section. If they later log in from Company B for the first time, then ‘Company B’ will be the Company Name in the Qualification section. If they then log in again from ‘Company A’. ‘Company B’ will still be the name shown in the Qualification section. However, they are still associated with both companies in the People Data. It’s just that the Qualification section only stores the last one that they were added to.

Hi @Jacob Cox , I am still trying to understand your comment.   As you mentioned, the Company name in Qualification is displayed in the User profile when that user logs into that Company. Could you clarify what you mean by 'log in'? I mean, where would the user log in? We are syncing users from the backend via the Segment platform. So whenever a user's company is updated, Segment calls the Iterable API to update the company in the user profile. The company names per user shown in the Users lists are different because whenever the user's company is updated, the latest company is displayed first if the user is associated with multiple companies.

Did you get chance to look into my previous comment?

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Hi @sagar.viradiya !

Sorry for missing your last message! I think it got lost in the end of year confusion.

When I say ‘log-in’ I mean when a person logs into your app and you, in turn, log them into Intercom via the Intercom installation snippet. It sounds like you are looking for information about your specific set-up with Segment and not general information around how that Company Qualification data works.

I’m going to send this conversation back over to our support team so you can continue to work with them on it. That way they can dig into your specific setup with Segment. The team will reach out to you via the email address that you have on file with us and you can continue the conversation there. You will be able to get an answer a lot faster going that route than through the forum.