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  • 24 November 2020
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I'm a newbie, with limited Python knowledge.


I built a Canvas Kit, connected to Zapier and SFDC, but not sure how to deploy it live for my team and workspace. Can someone help me? Thanks!


Best answer by Colin L11 25 November 2020, 16:25

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At a super high level, Canvas's are built by JSON responses from your server. You don't need to 'deploy' it to Intercom in the traditional sense. Assuming you have an end point that returns the Canvas Kit JSON, you would:


1) Open>


2) Click 'Your Apps'


3) Create or choose your App from the list


4) Click Configure (Left hand side) then Canvas Kit


5) Click 'For teammates', and check the box 'Add to conversation details'


In this box, add the URL for your sever that will return the JSON payload to your team. Depending on your app, the Initialize and Submit URLs can be the same.


6) Click Save


You may then need to add the app to your workspace and within the Inbox, add it to the side bar.