Hitting the Enter key while entering Japanese text with IME mistakenly sends the unfinished text to chat.

  • 12 January 2024
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While I’m typing Japanese text with IME (Input Method Editor)



If I hit enter here, I expect it to finalize the Japanese text with IME BUT not sent it as a chat message yet. But this widget sent the unfinished text any way.


Best answer by Jacob Cox 21 January 2024, 00:48

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4 replies

It used to work fine so is there any regression with the recent update?

It seems the below code is the one that checks the Enter key event but it’s not checking if this is in the middle of IME editing.



The same bug has occurred in our service as well. I request immediate improvement.

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Hi @Hide Kojima and @Keyman Letter CSチーム !

It looks like our team just released a fix to this issue on Jan 18th. You’ll want to perform a hard refresh of your browser and that should get things working for you. Let us know if you’re still experiencing the problem though!