How can I integrate my Intercom contacts with my web app's database?

  • 10 June 2024
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Title + I understand I have to use the Intercom API somehow, but I'd like a little more guidance.


Best answer by Nathan Sudds 12 June 2024, 14:03

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@Ben Perl is your webapp built on any existing tools that might be integrated with Intercom more easily than using the Intercom API?


For example are you potentially using a known platform like Firebase?


We recently just integrated our users to Intercom from Supabase which uses Postgres using the Intercom API but you will need some knowledge about using APIs and Postgress to accomplish this, here's the documentation for the Contacts API from Intercom


As a starting point. 


But if you use other tools you may be able to find some existing integrations in the App store or using 3rd party no code solutions as well. 


If you need help building something custom feel free to reach out, we specialize in custom development and have experience doing this for our own products and Intercom already. 

Hope this helps as a starting point.