How do I trigger events on company level

  • 10 June 2021
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Hi, I'm a little new to intercom but would like to work wtih it in a very technical automated way. We would like to be able to insert events that happen on the company level, and then trigger some emails / notifications to specific types of users (eg has ADMIN label) based on that event happening.


So for example:


  1. Company onboards in our own system with a number of users
  2. We create the company entity in intercom
  3. We create the user entities in intercom and associate them with the company
  4. We throw an event to intercom that the company "has_been_onboarded"
  5. Intercom rules pick up the event and send emails only to ADMIN users that welcomes them to our service


So here the event is on the company level, but it should trigger an email to specific types of users within the company.


Is this possible? A few quick tips & pointers would be really appreciated!




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Hi Johan. 👋 This is something I've tried to do before and I've found that it's easier to send these notifications via the API. It is possible to send outbound content to specific users using the API, so do give that a try.


Alternatively, if you expect admins to only be on one company, you can use a similar configuration on your outbound, the App Version here in my use case is a User Property, which you can declare in the Javascript snippet.

Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 6.23.39 pm 

Let me know if this helps or if you want some more guidance. Happy to provide assistance to you today Johan. 😃

OK great, thanks for the tips. Sounds like we would then instead make our own system do the decision making and use Intercom as a pure email handler. So no rules our routing in intercom in that case.


It also sounds like events are firmly on the per-person basis, so not possible to throw an event on the company level? I can only see events on a person basis in the API at the moment.



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Hi, Johan and Sam

I’m currently facing the same dificulty, can we make events affect companies directly? I’ve looked at the API doc, and from what I understand, each event is related to a user from our workspace in Intercom, right? Maybe there’s a workaround to impact Company data based on User data?

Yes, we need events on companies