How to set and retrieve company linked to a ticket ?

  • 16 November 2023
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Hello there !

We're in the process of implementing tickets and ticket portal system, and to achieve this, we need to import customer tickets from another provider into Intercom.

While we've successfully created tickets using the API, we've encountered a challenge in linking a company to the ticket. Currently, an admin can manually link a company in the inbox, but I haven't discovered a way to make it a mandatory step.

It's crucial to note that if a customer ticket lacks a linked company, the customer won't be able to access it through the ticket portal. Although the customer can still access their ticket via the messenger, we want to avoid any potential confusion.

Additionally, we've faced difficulties in retrieving the company linked to a specific ticket using the GET /tickets/{id} endpoint.

These challenges prompt a few important questions:

  1. Is there a way to link a company to a ticket through the API?
  2. Can we retrieve information about a company linked to a ticket via the API?
  3. Is there a way to enforce the company association with a ticket, whether it's created by a customer or an admin?

Our interest in utilizing the Intercom ticketing system is genuine, but the absence of the company information in the ticket endpoints is currently a hurdle preventing successful implementation 😔.

Any assistance you could provide on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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Currently, Tickets are associated with Intercom Contacts, not Companies. If you wanted to retrieve the company that is associated with a Ticket then you’d be advised to store it as a Ticket attribute on the ticket type. Then you would be able to access the value of that specific attribute through the API.

I recognize this isn’t the cleanest way of doing things. I’m going to flag this as a Feature Request for our Product Team to consider adding to that Ticket object. Thanks for reaching out about that!

Regarding question #3, above, I’m not clear on what you’re asking. Can you explain that in a bit more detail?

Hi @Jacob Cox 

Thanks for your reply. That would be a great feature for us 🙏 


We considered setting the company as a ticket attribute, but during our tests we found that tickets without company associations can’t be accessed from the ticket portal. Is there a way to display tickets without company in the ticket portal ?

As for the question #3 it is not API related but we were wondering if there is any settings to make the company association in a ticket mandatory ? As far as we know, an admin can manually associate a company to a ticket in the ticket inbox interface (see the screenshot) but currently this seems to be optional. We would like to make this required because tickets without company association are hidden in the ticket portal (as mentioned in the paragraph above).


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Thanks for those extra details @MDPF !

You are correct that setting the company as a Ticket attribute, won’t associate it with the company in the Ticket Portal. Currently, the way companies work with tickets is that if a User is associated with one company, that company should automatically be connected to the Ticket. If the User is associated with more than one company, then no company will be associated with it and you will manually have to set that company on the ticket in the workspace UI.


The Ticket Portal is a company-focused portal, so tickets without a company wouldn’t get displayed there.

The Tickets Portal is a brand new feature for us and this looks like a definite area for improvement! We appreciate you reaching out to us with your use case.

Regarding question 3, there isn’t currently a way to require an admin to fill in the Company value of a ticket. I’ll add this to the Feature Request!