Using Companies Scroll API with Company Segments

  • 26 February 2021
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I am wondering if it is possible to work around having to make 1 request per company to receive their segment.list object.


I just discovered the Scroll API addition, it is great. Am now receiving my companies in 11 requests instead of 987. Would love to have that functionality while making other requests. As it stands you need to provide a company id to receive a segment.list. Wondering if there is a way to perhaps provide a scroll page instead? Or better yet, add parameters to Scroll API requests to include full segment.list objects during Scroll API Companies requests.





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2 replies

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Hey @brian c11​, I'm afraid this isn't currently possible. Some feedback for our @Product Wishlist​ group!

Hi @eric f11​, Thanks for your response and for sharing with the product team. I will keep an eye on the change log in hopes that it is implemented. Cheers