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  • 2 February 2021
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Hey all,


I've been evaluating Intercom for what I feel like is a long use case is different than many people here most likely...I don't have an app; just want to use Intercom for marketing & support for my website consulting clients.


The biggest thing I haven't figured out to do yet (without writing code...) is when a new lead signs up for my services (which I'm slowly moving to pre-paid packages that they pay for monthly), I have a Zapier zap that changes their user profile from a lead to a user in Intercom.


Does anyone know if that's possible to do with Zapier? I believe it is from the docs I've read, but any guidance would be awesome 🙂


Thank you all!




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Hi @dinos​  👋, There no such action to convert the lead to the user via Zapier.

Can you tell me a bit more about your use case? I will try to find a solution for you.

Hi @roy s11​ & thank you for responding to my ticket! Looking at the number of items you've replied're just awesome! 🙂


In terms of my use case, here's one for example: a potential client who wants me to design a new website for them fills out a "Project Request Form". I then qualify them manually (or would have the Intercom Chatbot do that for me) and add them as a Lead in IC. Then, I'd create a proposal for them in my proposal system. If the client accepts the proposal, I want them converted to a User in Intercom instead of still being a lead...


Any help would be appreciated. I still understand that my use case is different than most who use Intercom...


Thank you sir!



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@dinos​ , Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me 💙


Quickly build some flow with Integromat, appears operating fine.

InterCorI can't find a lead tag in Integromat, so used a conversation tag instead.

The flow looks like this:

- Appling "Convert" tag to any conversation created by lead;

- Integromat creates a new user in Intercom

- Integromat merges lead with the newly created user.


Here's the quick instruction:

LeadConvertIs this what you are looking for?


Dinos, Let me know if you need help to set-up Integromat integration 💙🦄.

Hi @roy s11​ Thank you very much! Very nice solution 🙂 I have used Integromat before, but not in-depth like Zapier. I'll give it a go and if I need help, I'll hire you to help me build the integration.


Thank you once again!