WebHook triggers only when user opened the application

  • 6 September 2023
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Hi there!
I subscribed on event, but the webhook triggers only when user open the intercom webpage.
We are using embbed webComponent in our application and would like to notify user about it before he opened the web page (because he must do it manually), we want to open it programmatically - when new post are created - open this page immediately, but we discovered that webhook triggers only after opening webpage by user. How can i detect that new post are created for user, before he opened page? Ideally via webhook, or at least API?



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Hey @Dmitrii Sablin Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


I believe we pulled up on this one as well but incase another customer comes across this, the webhook is triggered when a user receives a Post, so it is expected that it will only trigger when they land on your page (and therefore are delivered the Post). We do not have a webhook that would capture a teammate setting an outbound message live at the moment. If you are looking to notify your users when there is a new message for them without them logging in, you could consider adding a push notification to the message:


@Racheal thanks Racheal! But we don’t use mobile) we use emmbed webview component, only on desktop application and we are not able to notify - but this exactly what we want to reach out :)

So, maybe there is any workaround, via API? Like /{}/posts/ or something like that? so i can manually fetch these user events from api (since its triggers only when user logged in) I need an any workaround to handle event “Message (for example POST) has been created/live/”) before user logged in, please let me know if it’s possible at least in theory :)

P.S. I Also don’t see the button “add push notification mobile”) there is no button in the UI