What is the current API rate limit?

  • 2 February 2023
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What is the current API rate limit?

Best answer by Lisa B11 2 February 2023, 10:27

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Hey @lisa b13​ 👋


The default limit is 1000 requests per minute, however, to prevent large spikes in traffic it's distributed over 10 second periods (so 166 operations per 10 seconds).


If you are exceeding this rate limit you'll be alerted by a HTTP 429 response code. We aren't necessarily able to increase the limit since its purpose is to prevent spiking our servers, however, we can look at helping you better combat this in the future.

Our API Reference doc has details on the headers that are returned in each request to help give more details into rate limits. You could even use those headers to determine when the rate limit will be reset.


Hope this helps 🙌