Why in custom actions, the request to the API endpoint is not triggered when last name is missing?

  • 24 April 2023
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I have a custom action which is executed at the end of a custom bot flow. It sends a Post Request to an API endpoint with the details above. If the user inputs only first name, e.g. “Andrew” in the “Full Name” field then the API call is never triggered. Any solution for this? or is there a way to validate the “Full Name” field and ask the user to also input their last name? Thanks


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2 replies

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Hey @Andreas Mamplekos Racheal from the support engineer team here👋


It looks like you’ve worked this out with my teammate Aparna, I’ll add the context here for future viewers! We were seeing the following error : Error occurred validating request values. This typically gets flagged when you try to pass empty values as part of your custom action set up.

You mentioned that it fails if the user doesn't enter the last name and this is expected because you cannot send empty values in the custom action. We have a feature flag to by pass this check which solved things!

Hi @Racheal - you mentioned there is a feature flag to support missing/null values here? How do I get this set up?