Workflow is not triggered when creating Messages/Conversations through the API

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Hi All, 

I’ve a contact form on the web, and in Intercom we created a Email workflow, if some email is send to a email address we trigger the email workflow. So, I need to trigger that workflow when I POST  a Conversation o Message, with message_type = email. I’ve tried POST conversations, POST message, also set the from and to with valid contacts/users, the message/conversation is created but the workflow is not triggered. 
Any ideas?


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Hi @Alejandro Narmona !

I just tested this and was able to get it to work. You’ll want to:

  1. Make sure you are using the “Customer sends first message” or “Customer sends any message” workflow trigger
  2. Have the ‘Channel’ of the Workflow set only to Email
  3. Make a ‘Create a conversation’ call with the API
  4. Make sure the message_type is “email”
  5. Make sure the from.type is “user”

That should trigger the Workflow when the conversation comes in.


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Thanks, finally i figured out. We’ve added the audience rule “Created via API” on our email workflow. Thanks!