Create Hubspot Ticket from Intercom

  • 14 February 2024
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I’m looking for any possible ways we might be able to create a Hubspot Ticket from within Intercom.

Our use case is this: our Support Team directly supports our customers via chat and email in Intercom. If an issue is identified that requires Engineering help, we create a Ticket in Hubspot for Engineering to pick up.

I’m looking for solution so that our Support Reps don’t have to keep a tab open in Hubspot to manually create tickets.

Any possible ways to do this?


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Hi there @TJ B12 👋  To create a HubSpot ticket from within Intercom, you have the option of using Custom Actions along with the HubSpot API to create tickets. You'll find more on Custom Actions in this article from our Help Center 📌

Please note that the Intercom HubSpot app only sends data one-way from Intercom to HubSpot and cannot sync data from HubSpot to Intercom. If you want to sync data from Hubspot to Intercom, you can check out the Data Sync by Hubspot app which allows a bi-directional sync. For more details, check out this article on the integration.

Hope this helps! 🚀


Thank you @bernice 


Following up here - might anyone have any examples of what it looks like to set up a custom action specifically for Hubspot API?

I’m having a bit of trouble working everything out, and if there were some example I could see it would be wonderful.