New Reference attribute in Conversation not showing on workflow

  • 26 October 2023
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I’ve added a new attribute to my Conversation object. The attribute is a Reference to a Custom Object. I have a workflow, and I’m trying to branch off a value in the Custom Object, but the newly added reference in the Conversation is not showing up. I have a Custom Action that’s populating the Custom Object and mapping the reference in the Conversation to the new object. Any clue what could be going on? Do new attributes take a long time to propagate to workflows?


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Hi @Carlos Perez Toro !

The Referenced custom object will only get added to the specific conversation that is associated with the workflow at that time. So you would have a Workflow trigger the Custom Action, the CA call is successful, then you should be able to access that referenced object in the dropdown menu that appears when you click on the {..} emblem that appears when hovering in a Workflow’s Message composer (see below)









Our Help Center has a number of articles on the subject of using Custom Actions and Objects. This article discusses how to incorporate them into workflows.


Let me know if you’re still having issues after looking over all of the above!

custom action mapping
conversation with reference to custom Shipment object
shipment_to_dispute reference fields do not show up, although other references show.


@Carlos Perez Toro the issue is the data you want IS in the drop down as @Jacob Cox  suggests. The issue is the “branch” you are using to then tell the conversation where to go is not recognizing the data that we are seeing in the dropdown.


For example, charge_dispute_status is one of the fields in the dropdown. We tell workflow using “branch” to direct the conversation here IF charge_dispute_status = “disputable”. BUT, when it is tested, the workflow does not recognize if the result IS “disputable”.