Prevent Stripe from creating duplicate users?

  • 16 May 2024
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I’m trying to bring down the number of duplicate emails in Intercom so I can actually use the Hubspot integration. It looks like one of the culprits is the Stripe integration. Many of my duplicates look like this:


User 1:

User 2:

  • email =
  • user_id = unknown
  • Stripe ID  = abcdef

I can manually go through and archive these junk users that Stripe has created, but then my question is:

  • Can I prevent Stripe from doing that in the first place? Can it just wait for the “good” user (one with a user_id) and attach the stripe data to that one?
  • If I archive the stripe-connected user, will Stripe attempt to find and resync with the good user?

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Hi Faye Campbell, It’s Mat from the Support Engineering Team 😀

To prevent duplicates, you can assign unique user_ids to leads and ensure that the same user_id is used when they log in, preventing the creation of a duplicate account.
Additionally, implementing identity verification across all platforms and enabling this feature in your security settings can help.
To resolve the issue with existing duplicates, you should consolidate your user base by merging user and lead accounts that share the same email address using the API, and then archive the duplicate lead accounts. After consolidating your user base, reinstalling Stripe will initiate a fresh sync.
It's worth noting that the behaviour of Stripe syncing when there are duplicate accounts can be inconsistent, as the integration is not designed to update two accounts with the same email address.
If you're using a merge API, the timing of the merge relative to when Stripe info is updated could be a factor.
Reinstalling the Stripe app may help to start a fresh sync and resolve timing issues.

If reinstallation doesn't work, it might be due to some bug that we are not aware of.
Please reach out to us via Messenger in your workspace to address the issue.