Quicklinks app should also be able to use custom conversation data

Especially since custom conversation data is not able to make links in text fields directly clickable, it would be nice to be able to use the quick links app to turn conversation data into clickable links, however it seems only user/company data can be used to dynamically construct urls.

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Hello @user1061​ , Can you share a bit more about your use case here?


What kind of data do you want to transfer through the Conversation data? Conversation data is more likely changeable and not linked to any CRM or Internal system.


Looking forward.

we store URLs related to the specific conversation (we use conversations for a copywriter review). but we would prefer to just store the IDs and then construct the URLs via quicklinks (one to the edit and one to the preview) so that they are clickable (URLS in custom conversation data are not clickable, you have to copy and paste).

Our main flow for complex orders is to copy the order number out of the conversation details, then open our order support tool, paste the value, then search. This could all be done in a single click if the variable were available to quick links.