Additional Help Center customization possible - namely, the header info and social media add-ons?

  • 26 August 2020
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When just starting off with our Help Center customization, it started off reading "SIMTICS Help Center", but that text in the banner was entirey replaced when I uploaded our now I've got a blank logo with no words beside it. And then, the looks-to-be-standard "Advice and answers from the SIMTICS Team" doesn't look to be modifiable. Can I not change that?


Also, I'd like to be able to add another social media button (Instagram). Can I do that, please?




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3 replies

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Hey @brian n​! If you're uploading a logo, I'd recommend using a version of your logo that includes text - as you mentioned, the logo will replace the default text when uploaded!


You can change the text "Advice and answers from the SIMTICS Team" in the Localize your Help Center section of your Help Center settings.


While it's not possible to specifically add a button for Instagram, you can create a new footer link from Help Center > Settings > Style your Help Center.

I saw that section in Localize, but I wasn't able to find the "Advice..." text so that I could change it. So I didn't know where to go. On your advice, I threw some test text in the blank Header Text and it replaced the Advice language (that I guess is there as a default if we don't put anything in there). Would have been less confusing if that'd been showing, instead. For Instagram, I'd actually tried that, but it doesn't let me put it next to my other social media icons along with a logo. Would be nice to be able to add that I want there. Thanks!

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Gotcha! If any of those fields are left blank, they'll default to the "Advice..." text (or the equivalent in another language).


On the Instagram feature request, why not head over to our Product Wishlist group and post your suggestion there?