Articles - Audience Rules : Confused!

  • 28 September 2023
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  • Our use case:
    - On Domain A we have hosted products A , X and Z
    - Domain B we have hosted product A, B and C
    Note product A is common in both the domains

    - Help center is hosted on a sub-domain of domain A and has collections for ALL the products A, B,C X, Z
    - Want to show Collections in Help space in Messenger as follows:

    -  users who logged into domain A are shown Articles for A, X and Z (In Messenger Help)
    - users logged into  domain B are shown Articles A, B and C (In Messenger Help)

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4 replies

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@Radhika TK  Wondering if you've tried to set things up for this use case already but it's not working as expected?


Or are you looking for advice on how to set things up?


If you are trying to use audience targeting and it's not working as expected.


You may not have the main privacy settings completed that are required to enable this.



Check this article on how to make articles private for more info.


Hope this is helpful! 





Thanks for the quick reply @Nathan Sudds 

I am looking for advice on restricting articles based on the product and the domain the user is in.

Also, are they other ways to accomplish this besides audience targeting?

Will creation of TAGS for each article work? Wondering out loud!

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@Radhika TK Good question, I'm not 100% sure if you've got other options depends on if you want to hide that other content from users who don't have access to those products or if you just want to highlight the right content for users but not necessarily hide the other content over all from users who don't have access.


If you want to hide the content, then I think audience targeting is your best option.


If it's just about making sure the messenger highlights the right products to users you may have other options you could try but I'd probably need to connect to talk it through more in order to figure out any other options. Feel free to DM me here in the community if you want to talk it over. 


As far as I can remember, tags on articles are for internal use with the team and aren't visible to users, I don't know if you can create anything customer facing with them. I believe it's only collections for the customer side. 

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Hey @Radhika TK Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


Just confirming that @Nathan Sudds is spot on here. Audience targeting is the way to o here and Tags are not visible to users, they are strictly internal.