Hello, having a problem with the Intercom messenger on mobile. When clicking the text input it glitches and does not come up with a keyboard or allow input. If I rapid fire click and type sometimes it lets some letters through. Desktop works fine.

  • 19 September 2022
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Confirmed this is a problem on ios Safari/Chrome/Firefox and Android. Let me know if anyone as had this problem before. Video attached. I have reached out to Intercom support as well.

3 replies

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Hey @clayton​ Racheal from the Support Engineer team here 👋


I can see you are working with my teammate Sara and looking into your installation. We'll definitely need more information to troubleshoot so I will leave in the good hands of Sara.


I am observing the same behavior but on desktop instead. On certain pages on my web application, clicking into the Messenger does not allow me to input anything at all. I can still click around in the Messenger and click to send GIF’s and emojis but I can not enter the text area to type anything.


Any news about this? We discovered the same behavior on our production app right now.