Hello, having a problem with the Intercom messenger on mobile. When clicking the text input it glitches and does not come up with a keyboard or allow input. If I rapid fire click and type sometimes it lets some letters through. Desktop works fine.

  • 19 September 2022
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Confirmed this is a problem on ios Safari/Chrome/Firefox and Android. Let me know if anyone as had this problem before. Video attached. I have reached out to Intercom support as well.


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5 replies

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Hey @clayton​ Racheal from the Support Engineer team here 👋


I can see you are working with my teammate Sara and looking into your installation. We'll definitely need more information to troubleshoot so I will leave in the good hands of Sara.


I am observing the same behavior but on desktop instead. On certain pages on my web application, clicking into the Messenger does not allow me to input anything at all. I can still click around in the Messenger and click to send GIF’s and emojis but I can not enter the text area to type anything.


Any news about this? We discovered the same behavior on our production app right now.



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Hey there @nsalleron !

Sorry for the delayed response here! Your message was buried in a reply to a conversation from a year ago so it was off of our radar. 

Are you still running into issues with this. Normally when we come across this behavior it’s related to customers installing Intercom via an unsupported 3rd-party package.

If you are still running into issues, please provide more details around what you’re experiencing along with some details around how you have Intercom installed on your site. Thanks!


Hey @nsalleron 

Just checking in and seeing if you’re still having issues here?

Thanks a million!