Help Center Product Wishlist: ability to add additional social media links with related icons.

  • 3 September 2020
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We are currently limited to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in the Help Center...would like to be able add Instagram and others, too, please.


Best answer by Roy 9 September 2020, 00:31

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11 replies

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Hey @brian n​, why not head over to our Product Wishlist group (you'll find it if you click on "Groups" at the top of the page) and add your wishlist here?

Thanks, Eric. But, brutally honestly, I already spent time writing it in here and can't be bothered to go spend more time joining that other group that is an "unofficial Intercom channel that occasionally gets reviewed". This is similar, to me, as in the recent product updates call where people were making suggestions and then getting told to go add that to the Product Wishlist, I thought, "Why are you making us spend our time doing that when someone (from Intercom) should simply be taking notes?"


I asked in this forum because I wanted to know if it was possible - having to then go spend more time suggesting it once I find out the answer seems odd to me to asked to do that.


Thanks, though. 🙂


Hey @brian n​ , +1 for this feature.

How about adding Instagram in Footer links? Like this - "📷Instagram" = )



I understood that it's not the best way but you can use it until Intercom will add other social media networks there.


Thank you, Roy. Very clever to put an icon in that way...yep, that worked. How'd you get the icon there like that? I'd like to do a Youtube one, too. :)


I used EMOJI = )

For 📷 Instagram - (

For ▶️ / 📺 Youtube - ( or (


The simplest solution is often the best = )

Brilliant - cheers, mate! :)


Cheers 🍻

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Ah, this is an excellent idea 🙂 Nice one Roy!

Did some Googling on how to create an emoji so that I could do some logo-grabs of Instagram and YouTube...looks like it's easier to do on one's mobile than on one's computer. There are some websites that look to do it for a fee.

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@brian n​  I don't think that would work for this particular case. Since this is a text field, it will rely on your end user's browser to display the emoji. If it's not one of the standard ones available, it will fail to load.

Cheers, Mohamed.