How can I change the HTML/CSS of my Help Center?

  • 25 June 2020
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Can I change the default layout of the Help Center? I want to upload my own custom HTML/CSS.


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6 replies

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Currently, it’s not possible to change the default layout of the Help Center, beyond some customisation options.


You can’t upload your own HTML or CSS to the Help Center.



Is this something you will ever add to your product?

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Hey @user794​, I of course can't say if this will ever feature on a future roadmap (because that's always a possibility!), but it's not currently scoped.

Hi. We have just onboarded from a small provider who had almost everything customable. I'm a bit surpirized that you can't even change the fonts of the help center - It's hard to follow brand guidelines if all you can do is to change the header and colors 😞

Hi there, just wanted to add that not being able to customize the help center really diminishes the user experience. Currently, the issue we're experiencing is that, since we have a robust help center, the list of articles can get really long and it makes it harder for the user to skim through many possible answers. We suggest, if not making the layout customizable, at least having a condensed or tiled view option. Hopefully this feature gets implemented soon.

Agreed. Being able to adjust the CSS would go a long way to making the help center more customizable. I’m currently evaluating moving our existing content here because I like the integration but not being to make simple design tweaks is quite limiting and probably a deal breaker for us.